Enchanted Fairy Friends - Secret of the Fairy Queen

Enchanted Fairy Friends - Secret of the Fairy Queen 1.0

Finding the name of the fairy tale is not a quick and easy task
1.0 (See all)

Enchanted Fairy Friends Secret of the Fairy Queen is the latest story by ValuSoft. We have 3 on-line possibilities: first download the program for free and give it a try, second, buy the program and download it directly, and third, buy and download the program and order a backup CD. All this being very easy and quick. Most important for the program to run smoothly is that we have a computer with an operative system based on Windows XP/Vista, a sound card, DirectX, a video card, a CD Rom drive, 256 MB. We can visit the developers website for full information before buying. We can set up the difficulty levels, easy, medium and difficult, plus start7stop the time meter. The program features a fairy tale who guides us along the different sections talking in English accompanied by music (a bit distorted and loud). In fact music is present every time, quite often very repetitive and annoying. We have to find the name of this fairy tale by visiting and consulting to the rest of them (8 in total) and going along a map with different locations, such as the Middsummer Glade, the Wishing Well looking for hints and doing many activities, i.e. look for several hidden objects,etc.

Review summary


  • Very nice interactive GUI, well presented and excellent layout
  • The backgrounds are incredible and magic


  • Its horrible music put me off
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